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Are you mobile?

Wedding days obviously I do travel to you, but for trials and occasion makeups, I like to do them from my studio in Chatteris.​

If however there is a group of you, or you're pretty local to me, I can travel to you, it just depends on the situation.​

Which makeup brands do you use?​


Loads and loads of different ones, I am addicted to buying makeup! I would say the main brands in my kit are Nars, Hourglass, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced. The list is endless! If you have a ride or die product like a foundation that you love and know works for you I am happy to also use this, just bring it along to your appointment. I have an extensive kit of shades and finishes, but sometimes you just like to use something that you know works for you and that's fine!​​

I have a big bridal party, can you do everyone?​


It really depends on what time the wedding is, what time we can get in the venue, what time you are willing to start etc. Once I've got all the details, I can work out if I need to bring an assistant. I just ask that you pay a deposit to them so they can secure your date in their diary. There are lots of talented makeup artists in the area who I have worked with plenty of times, so you don't need to worry.​


I can provide either strip or individual lashes that will last for the event day. If you usually get your lashes done this is also absolutely fine. If you don't want to wear any lashes but want a bit of a boost, its a good idea to get a lvl lift by a beautician, but please note I will not be able to add any lashes on top if you have had this treatment due to the curvature of the lash.​


Do I need a trial?

No not at all! If you've seen enough from my pictures and videos and happy to have me just turn up on the day, this is fine. Just make sure you've got a good idea of the look you are after.​

Do my bridal party members need a trial?

Again no, however I know it sometimes can be quite nerve wracking to get your makeup done by a stranger so it is a good idea for mums to have a trial, especially if they are nervous.​

When can I book a trial?

I will usually contact you to book in a trial when I am ready, but if you have a date in mind just let me know. Trials usually take place any time within the 6 month lead up to the big day. Sometimes brides like to book their hair and makeup trial on the same day, or a dress fitting, or just make sure they are going out so they don't waste getting their makeup done to see how the makeup holds up and looks with different lighting, and make sure to take plenty of pictures!​

Weddings in March, April, May usually have their trials booked in January, February, March and can usually be done on a weekend, if preferred. However once wedding season starts in April/May time trials are held during the week as I am fully booked on the weekend.

What happens at the trial?

This is where we get to know each other and talk all about your wedding! We talk about your usual makeup style, what bridal look you'd like to achieve, and if there's anything you especially do not want etc.​

For trials it is best that you turn up with clean and moisturised skin, this means we can get started straight away.​

Its a good idea to dress in a light coloured outfit, sometimes it's difficult to process the makeup when you are wearing your normal everyday clothes, avoid wearing anything that's too dark, and maybe style your hair. This way it is easier to envision what you're going to look like on your wedding day.​

Should I bring anything to my trial?


Bring visuals of makeup inspiration, photos of your dress, colour theme etc. Working with images eliminates potential miscommunication with your makeup vision. Try and save pictures from my instagram or other makeup artists pages rather than Pinterest as the images on their are usually highly edited.​

How long do the trials last?


Trials usually last between 90 minutes and 2 hours for the bride, and around 60 extra minutes for bridal party members. For group trials I only like to do 3 people in one session, so if you have more than 3 people in your party wanting a trial they will need to be done on a separate booking..​

Can I book my trial before paying my deposit?

No, sorry! Deposits must be paid first to secure your date as another client may want to book in.​

What if I don't want to go ahead with my booking after my trial?​


That's no problem! If you don't feel we are a right match you can just let me know.​​ You have up to 7 days after your trial to decide if you would still like to proceed with the booking. If you cancel within this time, your deposit will be refunded to you. The trial is charged separately and will not be refunded.


Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!​

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